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What is 'dista'?

'dista' stands for 'drop-in station', which aspires to be a place where anyone in the gay community feels free to "drop in".

"dista" offers a variety of activities.

You may join any of the programs and activities going on in 'dista': workshops, mini-theater, café, exhibition and more. You may even organize them yourself! Once you find yourself in 'dista', you'll find someone to talk to, and surely you'll have a good time!

Latest information is available.

In 'dista', a variety of information and literature is available: safe sex guidelines, gay town map including bars, clubs and sex venues, books and magazines on LGBT issues, etc...

In short, 'dista' is packed with every type of information about gay life, including venues, family and friends, local community, LGBT issues, HIV/AIDS and how to get tested.

When you want to have a talk with staff member...

Counselling service is also available: you may talk to a trained staff member about HIV/AIDS and other STIs, where to go for testing and care, how to have safe sex, and about other matters such as your family and friends, your work and your private life. Feel free to talk to our staff. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

dista is operated by stake-holders of gay community and HIV/AIDS.

HIV incidence has been increasing among MSM (men who have sex with men) living in Osaka. 'dista' was founded in 2002 as one of the programs conducted by MASH-Osaka, a voluntary organization promoting sexual health among MSM living in Osaka. Since then, 'dista' users have launched a variety of programs and events, thus creating focal points of networks. 'dista' is, in short, a cooperative project conducted by its users, community members and MASH-Osaka volunteers, who get together twice a month, form an executive board to discuss and conduct any of the 'dista' activities. The board is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

The budget of 'dista' comes partly from the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention and partly from the research budget of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for HIV-related Counselling and Support targeted at MSM population.

After 6 P.M., and on Sundays and holidays, please enter through the back/side entrance. Go to the 4th floor by elevator.

'dista' is open until 4 o'clock in the morning in case of some Saturday night events. (Usual hours: Wednesday to Monday 5 P.M.-10:30 P.M.)

Annual report 2014 (January-December)

With funding from the Japan Foundation for HIV Prevention, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Research Project for HIV/AIDS, the Osaka Prefectural Government, the Osaka Municipal Government, the Osaka Public Health Association, the Kyoto Prefecture Project for HIV/AIDS and voluntary cooperation from gay community members, we have conducted the following programs:

STEP PARTY (conducted in April, August, December and March)
The events have been organized for younger gay/bisexual men in their teens and 20's, to have access to information about HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and care, which is offered totally integrated into events such as a party, live concert or film projection. The number of participants varies from approximately 20 to 50 people.
Our first café party for middle aged gay/bisexual men was conducted at 'dista'. About 50 people, from their 20's to 70's, participated in the event, talking about the issues related to their generations.


'Do it with Condom' Project
We have distributed safe sex package (with condom, lube and an HIV/AIDS information card) from July through January 2015. The project has been conducted not only in Osaka but also in Ehime, Okayama and Okinawa.
'NANKAIDO' Paper Project
'NANKAIDO' is a seasonal newspaper for middle-aged gay/bisexual people. The paper consists of a variety of columns, such as 'Key Persons at Work for HIV Prevention and Care', ' Gay-orientated Osaka Cultural Map' and 'Every Gay Has His Advanced Ages!'. During the year a total of 16,000 issues were distributed. (*This project was funded by the Osaka City Public Health Center, the Osaka Association for Public Health and the Japan Foundation for HIV Prevention)
Other programs
We have conducted 'Check up at dista' project, a special testing event conducted in 'dista', located in the heart of Doyama gay-town. The event was designed as an easily accessible testing event in Osaka, since it was especially for gay town users, was carried out on Saturday & Sunday evening in a very friendly atmosphere. Testing for HIV and Syphilis was conducted with more than 50 participants.
We have also conducted an extensive questionnaire project, questioning about knowledge and behavior related to sexual health of gay/bisexual men, with a total of 1,772 persons responding to the questionnaire.

In 2015 we will be working hard to promote sexual health of the gay-community in Osaka.
Your cooperation and support will be highly appreciated.

HIV incidence among gay/bisexual men